A Date With Dupattas

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Where there is a Will there is a Way,
Where there is a Jill there is Say.

And so much to say. All Jacks & Jills should rigourously excercise their fundamental right to freedom of speech. Else she ( ‘speech‘ has to be a Woman……who else has the capacity to woo & wound a man) will turn lazy, gain unwanted weight (which we try to throw around) & die an untimely death.

Probably that’s what happened to our dear PM, it is not the cat who got his tongue….. it ‘s the fact….. that with so many people speaking & singing RaGas for him, our PM’s ‘power’ of speech, due to sheer disuse, must have coughed, spluttered & died. Unimaginable for a politician whose Brahmastra is his flowery & clever-y speeches….which grows, thrives & blooms (wish onions,tomatoes & potatoes would follow lead) these months every 5 yrs. But then such eerie silence in speech & deed galvanized the Aam Aadmi into action (a positive outcome, I believe). Namo! Namo! will we be led to glory….or would it turn all gory? Only time will tell.

So all that talk about desh ka ‘patthas’ brings me to today’s ‘say’- dupattas.
That two metre cloth that we once used to enhance our mo-des-ty (now that trait has gone-to-dust-ji), these days mainly used to enhance our ‘गुण कम’ style.

In my opinion dupatta is that spice which fires up a dishy outfit, be it a Salwar Kameez or a Chudidar Kurta. I really dig unique ‘spicy but not very pricey’ dupattas. There are fortune hunters, & then there is me, a dupatta hunter. But then, in our country where winning a crore is all in a day’s game, being a fortune hunter is an easy bet…….. scanning & spanning galiyan & bazaars for unique dupattas – an uneasy fret.

So I have come out with an alternative method….if you can’t get them… make them. In that blue ( Prussian, royal, sky?????) moon when I decide to grace the city market, I pick up stuff ( cloth materials, embellishments, laces), whatever suits my fancy & pocket, and when the time comes, make my own dupattas. Let me show you a few, take a look..


imageA Kutch mat, some Kutch laces & patches have been stitched onto a handloom piece of cloth. Garnished with some tassels to make it a super hot ethnic dupatta.


imageLeftover strips of cloth joined together to make this yummy sandwich dupatta.


imageAn embroidered peacock motif (meant to be a wall hanging) patched onto a plain cream cloth for this vibrant piece.


imageA plain dupatta gets a new flavour with a ‘tadka’ of block printing.


imageHand painted floral designs cut out from an old saree & patched onto an existing plain Kerala dupatta for a designer piece.


imageA boring piece gets a ‘Fab India’ makeover by attaching a Rajasthani cloth over it.


imageFew patches from Kutch & a black border gives this cotton piece a new lease of life.


imageGot a talented friend to paint some ‘sunshine’ onto an otherwise simple piece of silk.

So guys, hope the date paid off….. I believe these dupattas deserve a pat on the back….. do you?

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