Bag the Mat


When prices of onions grow, as they sometimes will,
When pay rise you are hoping seems all up hill,
When rupee has fallen & debts are high,
And you want to go shopping, but you have to sigh,
When economy is pressing you down a bit,
Go creative, but don’t you quit.

My apologies to have infused a bit of nonsense into one of the most inspiring poems…. but then this is my humble way of tipping the hat to the anonymous poet.
Creativity is a form of meditation;………………….. it doesn’t matter, what you make (& what others make of what you made), what innovative dishes you cook ( might inspire your friends to go on an eternal fast & loose some weight), what you paint ( Mona ya Lisa ), how well you sing ( the Tansen in you might succeed in bringing down some rain, at least an assured rain of branded shoes), what you compose (be it a Mozart or a noise hazard), how well you write ( let me not delude you, Booker might elude you ), how gracefully you dance (can always blame it on a bout of fits), how well you sculpt ( Angel ‘o’ might refuse to be linked to your name though), how well you play (if not a Sachin, always walk ‘up-chin’), ………. it takes you deep into yourself, a fulfilling journey of discovering YOU; the ‘real’ you – a more divine, wonderful, endearing, beautiful & better version of the the ‘reel’ you (struggling & juggling actor of the all time reality show ‘All the World’s a Stage’).
Isn’t that enough reason to be creative; to nudge ‘softly’ ( any harder, you could be jailed for cruelty towards children, Children Act 1889) our children towards creativity…… think so?? But before we herd our children to the right path, lets walk the talk, & tread that path a little.
I did my bit & lo behold …
Picked up two phone mats, Rs 50/- each…
Folded them & got the sides stitched from a cobbler.
Attached bamboo handles to one.
Bucket handles wrapped in satin ribbon were stitched onto the other.
Can’t say if you will ever get to turn into a bat woman or a cat woman in this lifetime….. but then comrades, rest assured with these bags you can surely turn into a …… MAT woman ………… LOL.

15 thoughts on “Bag the Mat

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