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“Tail”of a Peacock

Green, clean & serene…….Army cantt in the middle of a city/bustling town/ godforsaken village is like an oasis in the midst of a desert. Come & you can experience it all – wildlife ,bird life ,reptile life, easy life (wive’s), hard life(soldier’s), party life, disciplined life……..the awsm Army life.
Our peacocks are also quiet disciplined (they r there in plenty , like ants in an anthill). Come rain & they know they ‘ve to start dancing . It comes so naturally to them…… drill practices,no Honey Singh songs, no Farah Khan…… they just blindly dance thro’ the entire monsoon months trying to woo their mates . Surely must ‘ve attended Shri Shri’s classes     ( not the cricketer….pls ….then no wooing dance only match fixing ) in their previous birth. They really know the – -Art of Living.
Dancing ,as if possessed, all thro the rains……they shed their feathers at the end of the season . Its my belief that they are paying their final tribute to the receding rains – a bouquet of awesome feathers , a token of love, till they both meet again (hopefully; with the global warming one can’t b so sure) same time,next year.
God must indeed b the greatest craftsman, to have created something soooo breathtakingly beautiful ,the best fashion designer to have come up with such exquisite colour combinations, the best choreographer ( how else can they dance so brilliantly)……… among many other things. A hundred bows to You.
I tried to capture & cherish a tiny fragment of this beauty by making a neck piece out of their feathers( no bird has been hurt or injured in the process) .
Firstly secured the feathers onto some bamboo beads….& stuck these beads
onto a ( ready to be retired ) neck piece , using Fevi quick.As simple as that…

Flood of tears

2013-11-15 11.04.13

In this self obsessed world…
Where ‘I’ come first,
Then comes B,C,D;
It took me time, a very long time,
To look beyond my horizon.

Should ‘ve seen, should ‘ve known,
Not all is well with you,
Bitter winters, numbing cold;
Scorching summers, searing heat;
The sparkless days,
The windless nights,
Uneasy signs, unhappy sighs,
No longer your chirpy self,
How did I ever miss..

How sad you have been,
Lost your will & glee,
How hard you have tried,
To make us sightless see,
Suffered so, at our unfeeling hands,
Robbed of your hope,
You sob & cry, so hard,
Flooding us with tears,
Blaming us with storms,
Ungrateful we sure are,
But Mother Nature, WE DO CARE.

Jaago India jaago….before the whole world gets flooded.