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An ode to Kathakali

I am an Army Officers wife.That should say it all . But let me explain, we army wives get to attend a lot of parties…….the wives get to enjoy the husband’s hardwork……& we attend all these parties with élan . All dressed up & decked up. Decking up sometimes poses to be a problem. Obviously … can’t repeat the same outfit/accessory…. & sadly our Finance Minister seems to be unaware of our existence & predicament, soooo we painfully are left with the choice of being creative @ innovative. And you thought partying was a stress buster…………

I belong to Gods Own Country where every atom has Its Own Opinion …about Poli-tics (Poly-Tics would have been more appropriate) & people fervently believe that ‘Strike Is Our Birthright’, we strike so hard & frequent that natural disasters feel ashamed to strike our State. Our fame had not reached Tsunami’s ears ; coz she was under sea; @ so she struck.

My magnificent land of Keras boasts of many art forms-Kathakali being one of them. Katha means story , Kali means play; Kathakali is mythological stories told in play form. Bollywood’s current flavour being south ;our humble Kathakali is in vogue.

This is my ode to Kathakali ( the elaborate head dress itself is a work of art ) …. In the form of a bag.

Bought this bag …& lot many things…..on my Goa trip.

20130921_131612-1 (645x800)

The mask was a buy from my home town Trivandrum.

20130921_131942-1 (596x800)

Attached velcro on both….I can save an ant from drowning, save some money for the future, save a bite of chocolate for my kids….but can’t stitch to save my life .

20130921_132021 (600x800)

20130921_131845-1 (676x800)








The jute Kathakali mask had to go up somewhere….went up on my bag.

20130921_133948 (600x800)

Teamed it up with a Kerala saree whose pallu is adorned with Kathakali faces.


And then, they lived happily ever after…

Reshma Kadvath

Reshma Kadvath

My first steps to a creative journey

Everyday is a new day…every sunrise a new beginning. Today’s sunrise inspired me to try my hand at blogging. Let me introduce myself. My name is Reshma. ‘Reshma’ means “silk like”. I often wonder what must have prompted my parents to choose this name for me. Hmmm…futile to ponder, precisely 36 yrs of water has gushed & gurgled down that bridge.

But to be fair on them & their foresight there is at least one aspect about me which is as fine & fragile as resham ; that’s my sensitive nature. I am sensitive to nature (mother nature & others’ nature), sensitive to animals, sensitive to thoughts, sensitive to injustice,…… the list can cloth & cover the entire population.

Statutory warning – Sensitive Nature Is Injurious to Health, left idle.  After years of self analysis, I learnt (of all the studies…’ impartial self study ‘ is by far the most difficult subject to learn & digest) that if my mind could be put to creative use, it does stay out of mischief for a while…& can walk miles & miles before it sleeps.

Being a full time mom… & 24/7 army officer’s wife, many a times it does drive me up the wall- no less than The Great Wall of China. A little creativity, some reading, googling & ogling at beautiful handloom sarees, watsapping friends, penning down thoughts, savouring hot cups of green tea, soaking up nature, doing up my home….& such; simple pleasures does make the journey more easier & satisfying…..

Staying in shape is a nearly impossible task….giving shape to ones thoughts is proving to be quite as impossible ( ‘Impossible’ does exist in my dictionary). Though I must admit that writing… I stand corrected… typing does give you a high, can’t say the same for the reader though, can I?

So here I am starting this blog, in the hope, that I can give & take a handful of creativity, to nibble on the way….on this beautiful journey called Life.

Tc guys & live in the present moment…catch up with you in a while; a short while.



Half a sq foot of carpet grass attached to some moss , bound by chicken wire… & mounted on a piece of drift wood. EACH ONE PLANT ONE.