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Mother…. please let me live awhile

I lay there, just born,
Cold to my bones,
Lonely & uncared,
Nobody to ask how I fared,
Being haunted by the fear,
Of hate, rejection & leer,
Wrapped in a blanket of despair,
Wondering why life is so unfair,
Missing the warmth of her love & care,
Who till now shielded me inside of her,
Whom I long to call ‘Mother’.

Why do angry faces hover?
Why do Father want to smother?
How have I failed you, O Mother?
Do you love only my brother?
Gimme a chance to sprout a feather,
Will be your shade in every weather,
Let me grow up as your daughter,
Promise to fill your home with laughter,
Let this bud bloom into a flower,
Will spread its fragrance forever,
Love on you, ever & ever, I shall shower.
Oh Mother…….please let me live awhile.

‘God can’t be everywhere so He created Mothers’….Does this hold true for these Mothers???? Raise your voice against Female Foeticide’.

Rendezvous with Creamy Kerala Sarees

Cream…the choicest ingredient…both in an ice cream or outside it. So is the colour cream; a real scream. Being a Keralite, I am justified in thinking so. Our traditional dress is a cream saree/ mundu veshti (two piece) with zari border.
Elegant & regal looking, the soft muslin cloth is well suited for the humid sultry weather of Kerala. Once you start wearing them, It will be difficult to ‘de-wear ‘ them (might end up with the label ‘ The Lady In Cream’) . But, some times elegant can spell “a little unimaginative “….( haven’t won any prizes in Spell bee… can be wrong ).
The cream Kerala saree is like a blank canvas where anyone/ anything can leave a mark……even Haldi can. It can be block printed, machine printed, hand painted, dyed, embroidered….. all left to ones imagination . Imagination is like Akshayapatra…..the more you use it, the more it brims over.
With riots going on everywhere to dis-member our Motherland…it’s only justifiable that i should also riot. So…here I am, bringing you a ‘riot’ of colours & some variables to the Kerala saree.
This is an original traditional Kerala saree with pure zari border…….these days you get sarees with such wide borders, that, what is left of the muslin part is like Vatican City on the world map.
These were plain sarees , I got them block printed with the guarantee that people will flock in dozens……& they do.
These are machine printed Kerala sarees…. you don’t need a Mint & I promise hubbies won’t sprint (very affordable).
Kerala’s very own Mangoes embroidered onto a saree.


Like the Birds of Paradise, ┬áthese are exotic hand painted sarees of Kerala. Slightly expensive but worth every bit of your hubby’s hard earned penny.
Last is traced ( wish I could have said ‘drawn’ ) by ME. Since the material is fine, tracing (fabric marker) is a cake walk ( getting all that cake off you won’t be that easy as the tracing ) . So… all you need to do is to trace & get set for the race.
So friends, Romans & countrywomen……..go paint the ‘saree’ red.