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Fun with Fungi

Seek ….& thou shall find. I seek Titanic’s sunken treasure, seek KFC’s secret recipe, I seek Bill Gates’  success mantra, I seek Sanjay Dutt’s true story & if everything else fails; I seek enlightenment; I seek…but am yet to Find.

But something i didn’t seek but yet found is Fungi…..under a tree ( lucky ones attain ‘Nirvana’ under a tree, others like me find fungi).

When you pluck it, it’s soft & mushy ( shy bride)……but keep it for a week, it turns woody, hard & strong( seasoned wife) ; perfect for any dry flower arrangement.

A simple flower arrangement was what I hoped for, & I felt it did turn out nice UNTIL my son, after giving it a passé look, commented  ” it looks like you had a ‘Big Moose’   for lunch….& propped up his antlers as a trophy……”


Perception…..what say guys????

Chick’n cool Nooses for the Mother’s Soul

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus….& Kids are from….Planet of Apes??? (the apes are surely going to sue me for Maan haani)
One can boast of being versatile, multilingual, telepathic,tactful, diplomatic, authoritative, understanding, & lot many other virtues…….but to raise your Harry ‘Puttars’ & Barbie dolls, you will need some Divine intervention. Oh Lord…where are thou in our times of ‘kids’?
HE will have to turn you into an i phone/iPod/i pad/ mac…….before kids start listening to you & and for them to see you, you need to go ‘GAGA’ lady ( try wearing your dinner menu on your head). If bonding with your cherubs are on your agenda, just wage a war; all blood & gore……….over the play station. And for some respect from your teenagers , wait till your bank balance matches Bill Gates’. Late Mr Stephen Covey, Sir, you need to show way.

There was that time of Ram like sons…….these are times of Percy Jackson’s.
There was that time of Romeo & Juliet……these are times of Vampires in Twilight.
There was that time of Ranis & Kings……..these are times of Honey ‘Singh’s king’.
There was that time of Tansen’s compositions…..these are times of Montana’s disposition.
There was that time of Gurukul……………….these are times of Google.
There was that time of Ram leela…………….these are times of Shakeera.
There was that time of Idlis & sambars…….these are times of Casinos & Bars.
There was that time of Fifty ways to Play….these are times of Fifty Shades of Grey.
There was that time of Reading a Book……these are times of feeding Facebook.

Those times are gone, these times will see ‘us’ gone. Trying times are here to stay. Mothers, don’t loose heart, when you reach the end of your rope tie a knot & hang on…..I will show you some pretty ropes to hang on ( your neck).
Braided a long piece of cloth, stitched some ghungroos onto the braid. Pair it with a brass necklace to feel a class apart.image
Dismantled a north east spear & speared it into a neck piece. Used an attar bottle as a pendant.
Attached a Kutch patch onto an already existing mala. Added pom poms for some chum chum.
Made out of iron hooks & sarkanda stems. Best out of waste.
Used some tiny dandia dolls & sarkanda stems for this dandy piece.
Hung two key chains to a market bought chain… pain,all gain.
With all these malas, be ready for the gala, with our own cute ‘Jhamelas’.