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 Day never fights,                                                                                            Night patiently waits,                                                                                 What comes first, you tell me,                                                                   Day or is it Night?                                                                                          Then WHY, do we fight?                                                                                And create such a sorry plight,                                                                  Not to mention, a very sad sight.
HARMONY ; if only we could add it to some yogurt & honey, blend it in a mixer, drink & digest. Wouldn’t that be manna, all of us living in harmony, say-
Mother/daughter ‘in-law’- I feel the word ‘law’ is the mischief maker, we Indians passionately believe that laws are made to be broken, at the most tolerated…so there.
India-Pakistan – one blind leading the other, & deaf too, to the commandment ‘love thy neighbour’ .
Blacks & Whites – should take a cue from the Zebra guys, co exist & be in fashion.
Congress-BJP – Busy ‘partying’ & dancing’ to the different tunes of ‘RaGas’ & chants of ‘NaMos’ to hear our ‘vyathaas’.
North-South – keep dancing to the tunes of ‘Lungi’ to make everything ‘changi’.
Shah Rukh-Salman – War of the Khans , a ploy to entertain their fans……And thus the list continues as a list is meant to be.
Apart from the fact that ‘har-mony’ has a melodious ring to it       ( anything to do with money is music to our ears ) ; If practiced     ( without हार मानि ) it will take us a long way …..all the way to Mars, so MOM* says. Be ready with your own ‘Mangalyaan’ friends & let not anybody beat you to it .
In order to convince you that I practice what I preach, I tried to do a ‘harmonious’ arrangement of flowers (hope to start with Flowers & end with super Powers), with a candle in the middle to depict the ‘hope’ that soon we shall all learn to live harmoniously, ….a decision taken unanimously.
Bought a few stems of assorted flowers & a terracotta pot.
Inserted a square of wet oasis, pre soaked, just tall enough to rise above the rim of the pot.
Bound a few toothpicks onto a candle & stems of flowers, using a tape.
Fixed the candle in the centre of the oasis,
Arranged the flowers around it, to make a very simple, but warm floral arrangement.
Lighted the candle; lead us o’kindly light ……….to harmony.

* Mars Orbit Mission



Mirror,mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all,
In this mad, unfair world,
Where trust is always on hold,
Corruption, hypocrisy ranks high,
Truth & integrity takes a weary sigh,
Betrayal at every tread & fold,
Souls bought & sold for a bit of gold,
Mirror, mirror on the wall; In here-
To be fair…………one needs to pay a high fare .
Oooookaaay……this is what is called getting carried away…….I typed the first two lines & had a mild attack of epileptic ‘poetry’. Fairies & tales seem to bring out the poetess in me, like Phailin & gales, are brought out by the low pressure at sea.
Men say that, we women, spend more than half our lives looking into a mirror. That’s not coz we are vain (I swear), that’s coz we have lots to gain. Dissecting yourself in front of a mirror is like spending quality time with a spiritual guru cum doctor. Extract from a session, take note guys
…What cannot be changed must be endured, What you have today needn’t be there tomorrow, What’s good for others needn’t be good for you, Rolling tongs gather no moss, Pancakes are best served on a plate than on a face, All work & no play leaves a dull skin, Early to bed & early to rise makes us shiny & less whiny, Smoking & drinking is injurious to looks, You are what you eat, Thoughts make or ‘breaks outs’, Exercise is not a jest but a must, Every head has a silver lining(after thirty), Too much sun is not always fun, Water in your platter always flatter, All is ‘fair’ ‘n love(ly), Clothes maketh a woman, …..etc,…etc…..And you thought a mirror was just a MIRROR. अब ‘आइना‘ बात समझ में।
One thing we can do for these awesome mirrors, other than wishing them on Teachers day, is to give them some great frames & continue spending more time in front of them.I made this frame for my Mirror.
The oval plywood frame with the mirror was lying with me (remains of a loving gift).
Got some stems of ‘sarkanda’ grass cut, to match the width of the frame.
Stuck it one by one onto the frame.
Embellished it with some tiny Gujarati dolls.
Fevicoled a piece of coir on the inside.                                                         Got all set for a round of ‘raas’ or should I say ‘glass’ leela.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Don’t you look different from all.