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2013-12-11 13.00.49
Why are we so placid?     
When it involves acid,
When lives are torn apart,
When dreams are cut short.
Our girls are getting burnt,
Bearing the brutal brunt,
Of cruel, inhuman hearts,
And crippled, insane minds.
A fate worse than death,
Pain & anguish no dearth,
A hopeless future looms,
Thorns in place of blooms.
Mirror will turn a foe,
A scarred face to show,
Mustering the will to live,
Will always be a bitter pill.
How can we let this happen?
How can we only be yapping?
And not take a definite action,
To find a permanent solution!!!!!!
United let’s be the ‘antacid’ for these acid attacks. Lets create a Tehelka for things that are worth. Let’s be the beginning of the end to such incidents.


Where is my Godmother ??? The warm chubby looking  fairy  ….who’ll wave her magic wand & give me a makeover. I wonder which designer she will dress me in…Sabyasachi, I wish. I’m thinking about adding ‘Ella’ ….not ‘Bella’ (there is no dearth of blood sucking vampires, maid murdering Jagritis and child killing Talwars in our country) to my name.
There are times when I wear a saree, sport a bindi, wear my standard collar blouses…in all my modesty think, will look the part, in a Satyajit Ray film. But the bubble of delusion is burst;
……..When my lovely neighbour borrows my signature attire to play the part of Pratibha Patil (no offence to you ma’m); When my dear daughter hands me her candy pink hair clips to salvage my fashion challenged look; When a close friend calls up to inform me of a sale on bed sheets where she thinks I might find something interesting to wear; When the ever obliging parents give me the revered looks reserved for the Head Mistress at my son’s PTM; When I think I am ready for a ramp walk, but social service folks call me for a मोर्चा; When attending an elite gathering, dressed to kill, people mistake my skill & give me interviews ……
The bubble is burst ….with ‘out’ a pop ( Heart break doesn’t contribute to noise pollution, it’s mute, like our cute PM).
All said & done, although a good exterior is enviable, it should match a great interior. What’s the fun in being a designer garbage bag. A delicious heady punch of yoga, meditation, positve thoughts, good friends, great books, healthy diet, & the inside part is taken care of. For an external makeover …….find yourself a fairy Godmother who will turn you into Kit-Kat, Piggy Chops, Dips……. or whoever suits your fancy or should I say your palette.
Here, I played Godmother to some old purses which were lying with me, & gave them a makeover by stitching/gluing some wall hangings onto them.
imageAn Orissa Dhokri art with chokras & chokris, stitched on to a black purse.
 image_3Bihar’s Madhubani painting glued onto a gunny coloured purse. 


imageMini head gear of the temple elephants of Kerala lured onto a cream purse.
 image_4A scenery made from dried palm fronds is an added finery to the woven purse.
 image_2A framed Ravi Varma flame glams up an old purse.
 image_1Some key chains & pom-poms added to bring about a sea change in these pouches.


imageGujarati cushion covers folded over & stitched into fashion purses.
What say friends….don’t these make overs inspire you to take over as ‘Godmothers‘?