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Come Valentine’s…… there’s Love in the “Flower”

‘I love you’ .…the most beautiful words in the world. Words which do not need a magic wand to spin magic (Harry Potter should take a lesson or two). And blessed we all are, for those special people in our lives whom we love & whom we love to express our love to.
And on every Valentine’s day or should I say the entire February month (( chocolate day, teddy day, rose day…. wonder why in our hey days we didn’t come up with feeding day, helping day, healing day, cleaning day, kindness day, respect day, forgiveness day, equality day,…… they don’t cost a penny hence might be misunderstood as love’ less)), we come up such innovative ideas to express our love for our loved ones.
But this Valentine’s day let me take the liberty ( not you Ms Liberty, my home can’t hold you ) of introducing you to a very special person ( one of its kind from God’s boutique ), who deserves a whole world of love…… YOU.
From this year on, starting this Valentine’s day, keep telling yourself- I love you’ everyday. Slowly & slowly you will start believing it… & then living it. Love yourself as your dog would love you ( just go easy on the licking part ) ….. unconditionally. And be ready for the magic it weaves around you. 
So, before I pull a magical ( Houdini ) act on you & disappear for a while, let me show you how to make a red Anthurium flower out of a blood red paper heart. You can make a bouquet of hearts & gift it to your loved one, mis‘quoting’ Robert Burns….. “My love for you is like a Red Red Anthurium” . 
 Cut out two hearts ( you don’t have to be a heart surgeon…. but a steady hand would help ), one of red velvet paper and the other of red glaze paper. Stick them together, coloured sides out wards.
Wrap & mould a piece of tissue/napkin paper ( yellow ) on a thin stick with some fevicol resembling the stamen of the anthurium. I coloured them golden.
Tie the paper heart ( velvety part on the outside ) with a piece of thread, around the stem, to resemble an anthurium . Cover the stem with green tape.

Make as many flowers as you desire & arrange them as you like.
So lovely ladies…. try out these hearts to your hearts content. Happy Valentine’s Day.