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Some pearls of wisdom for my dear children Sidharth & Shivani…. whom I can’t get to sit still & listen to my sermon. So blessed to have you both in my life.


If life is a book, it ‘ll have stories galore,                                             Cooked up rife with glories & wise lores,                                             Author of the story for time immemorial,                                      Stays the same for every mere mortal.

Our story will unfold, page by page,                                                       Scenes enacted, sans any wage,                                                                 Is it a Tempest, or Midsummer Night’s dream ?                               Will it resonate with laughter or shrill screams ?

What comes next, lessons or test ?                                                         Curtain rises not before the fest,                                                             Not a grab, not a peek, not a tiny breach,                                           The book is way way beyond our reach.

Experience, it shoots, lots & lots,                                                             Teaches us lessons, with each passing slot,                                       Willingness not asked, battles hard fought,                                     All you can do, is give it your best shot.

If Life is a Ford, our hands might not hold,                                       Ignition, steering, brake at every bend & fold,                                 Sit back, enjoy the ride, no fear or fight,                                             He is our chauffeur, trust his skill, will & insight.

Drink in the breeze, soak in the sun,                                                     Do some good & have some fun,                                                                 Blessed are we in feelings, thoughts & sight,                                   Be a rainbow, spread some cheer n light.

Be kind, be generous, lend a helping hand,                                       Believe in miracles, X-mas, sylphs & fairy land,                             Fall in love, stand tall in faith, truth & integrity,                           Swallow the need to wallow in doubt & self pity.

Run a marathon, never a rat race,                                                           Listen to your heart, keep a smiling face,                                           Brim over in confidence,  live life on your terms,                           Be there for others, but first fulfill your dreams.

Bow your head in respect, not in shame,                                             All are equal, fall not for power or fame,                                             Live in harmony, be forever one with nature,                                   She ll teach you, for one, how to care & nurture.

Do not dwell in the shadows of the Past,                                             Nor in the vague promises of the Future,                                           Do not let negative thoughts foam & ferment,                                 The art of living is being in the Present moment.

                    Although we cannot predict the quantity of our lives… we can absolutely assure its quality with our Thoughts. Let us not be mere Puppets in the hands of fate. Puppets  look good on walls or say…. on BAGS.







 Attached some colorful Rajasthani puppets to a few simple sling bags to give it a ‘Nomadic’ feel. Not bad eh ???