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‘Keeping mum is a much needed virtue, for all us mums & their dear chums’

Silence is a source of great strength & the birth mother of ideas & creativity. ‘Silence’ lets you view this life clearly ‘sans any lens’ & makes u ‘sigh a little less’. It calms & balms our forever up-to ‘monkey antics’ mind (which really has a mind of its own). It nourishes the soul & flourishes our creativity. It can be a great friend, guide & philosopher, i.e., if you would listen & understand its words. NO..NO…NO.. I don’t have a PhD in ‘silence’….it’s just that my loved ones feel I should impart my insight on the same & spread some inner/outer peace around.They really welcome my tryst with silence( wonder why?????? ).

Silence is not a rocket science,
Neither does it pocket much sense,
Promises not any dandy insurance,
Nor a gold medal as inheritance,
Miss, you may not, its absence,
If you see it as a thorough nuisance,
And believe in its total abstinence.

It gifts you a strong sense of balance,
Helps sprout wings of independence,
Instills colours to fading intelligence,
And helps keep a better surveillance,
Paves way to peace,cheer & chance,
If you let go of your fear & resistance,
And practice it with sheer perseverance .

Friends, there is enough evidence,
Silence is a two way correspondence,
With your divine inner & higher sense,
In your trying times of despondence,
It will impart a very positive influence,
Making way for a happy consequence,
Be it in your infancy, old age or adolescence.

                     Before my ‘rhyming’ philosophy on ‘silence’ invokes a feeling of ‘violence’ in you guys, let me wind up my sermon by stating that even silence has a big ‘attitude’ (the current succes s mantra….. Broccoli is a humble Cauliflower with an attitude, thus the demand). Silence will not work its magic in just about any ‘atmosphere’, believe me here (or else ask the prisoners condemned to solitary confinement). For your ‘silent’ endeavour to work wonders & not blunders you need to practice it in a ‘perfect setting’…. a favourable ambiance.
Now don’t fret, you don’t have to be Ambani to create an ‘ambiance’. A little imagination is all you need. Equipped with only a handful of imagination, make for yourself that cosy nook in your homes/patio/garden where you can take refuge (block out the world), when you get creatively challenged or feel dis harmonised. Trust me you will spring back, with a joyful spring in your steps, rejuvenated & bursting with a ‘mindful’ of ideas.
So friends, go ahead, enjoy your stint with silence & come back ready to put forth all your creative ideas on the ‘table’. I am here waiting…… ready with some innovative, at the same time way too simple & economical ‘TABLES‘ for you.
imageThis ‘Kadhai’ has dished out some delicious food in the past. Now endowed with a glass top & coir bound handles; doesn’t it make a ‘dishy’ table???
imageA game of caroms while enjoying tea & snacks with your family ‘pack’. A table made out of my daughter’s carom board(mounted on 4 legs). Are u guys sold?????
imageComes in handy when you feel like pick axing somebody. Jokes apart, topped with a glass top & 3 axes as legs, it surely makes an ace class table, doesn’t it?????
imageA simple wrought iron table made ornate with a decoupage(Ravi Varma painting on a white tile) table top. Ain’t it a show stopper?????
imageA chapatti ‘tava’ in disuse becomes the muse for this garden table. Propped up on a log…. can’t help but ogle????
imageSometimes life plays us like a tabla/dholak….. here the instrument plays the part of a peg table. Does’t hold much but sure looks ‘fetch’ing !!!!
While you guys silently contemplate about these tables, let me take your leave, to cook up another fable….. for YOU.

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