Monthly Archives: March 2015

Nature heals my Nature

imageExpectation reduces joy…. but only when the expectation is not fulfilled. When India won the match against Pakistan, which was expected, the joy was profound. But when the budget failed to serve any fudge, the disappointment was profound ( don’t underestimate the power ‘of frustration’ of a common man) in a country where democracy spells ‘of the rich, for the powerful, by the corrupt’. Expectation is out there, having a jolly good time, playing the all time fav game of ‘passing the parcel’…. from Congress, to Modi and now back to Aam Aadmi. Amidst all this, the common man is seen waiting for ‘anything at all to be delivered’ other than bills, which my friends are never a day late.
Although I have much promises to keep, I still can take you through miles and miles of cynicism before I sleep, but then, me not in a hurry to put you guys to sleep. Better still, we will devise methods to release pent up frustrations and steam (which our politicians manage to distribute freely & heavily) ……. that will ensure the common man a good night’s sleep .
For me, spending some time with ‘the woods are lovely, dark & deep’….. HEALS. By woods I mean some potted plants and flowering shrubs in my tiny portico. I sit there with my cuppa, feasting my eyes on my aspiring bonsais and sunny marigolds……. and soon before the steam of my coffee settles down, my pent up internal steam surely does. From a balloon ready to burst … I become the most malleable rubber which can be stretched and stretched. Deep woods would have been splendid, but left with limited choice, tiny porticos would also suffice. So my dear common, yet unique, valuable and sweet ladies, get to work and make that Green corner for yourself, a tiny indoor/outdoor garden…….. and let Nature impart its nature to you.
And for decorating that garden wall, let me show you an easy accessory
1. Managed a section each of two medium sized bamboos.
2. Cut out half of the front portion of the bamboo section, leaving the upper and lower ends intact.
3. Drew abstract designs in the cavity, using a permanent marker.
4. Attached Pom Poms and shells for effect.
5. Drilled a hole on top and hung them on  the wall.
Effective…. Nature cure sure is!!!!!!