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A List in Time saves ‘TIME’

     Now it’s official – ‘People who make lists are more productive than their counterparts’. I have just cut out the article stating the same from The Times of India, for the purpose of showing it to my dear hubby, thus proving a point about ‘lists,’ without having to use my fists. He never misses a chance to make fun of my lists, which according to him are always as long as Schindler’s list. Maybe so, but like the Schindler’s list of Jews, my lists of chores too are for a good cause. His list saved lives, mine time. I diligently update diaries and diaries with daily scribbles, writings not as poignant or touching as the contents of ‘Diary of Anne Frank’; but with wearisome lists of things to be done. These lists are usually long like Rapunzel’s hair, often boring like an aimless day, important like an Indo-Pak peace treaty, tedious like an unprepared exam… but in the end have to be dealt with and resolved like any Agatha Christie murder mystery.

        Having said all that, it is because of these lists that I manage to get a majority of things done and that too in less time. Not having to take out time to remember, recollect or having to mentally juggle all the things to be done and missing out on quite a few in the process; does save both time and neuro resources. This in turn makes us calm, relaxed and efficient. Lists tidy up our perennially messy minds and help clear out our life’s unkempt pathways to success… thus making our journey a lot more happier and easier.

      Now, wasting all that ‘saved time’ making more & more lists and fervently searching for that truant diary (containing those lists), is a totally different story… & having your family members totally convinced that all that ‘saved neuro’ resources is the reason behind your neurosis, is indeed a tragedy.

         Mornings, after a hurried Kapaal Bhati and ten minutes on the cross trainer, I get started with the list for the day, which mostly continues through the day, into the night. Now that is a regular day. So you can imagine the length of the list and duration of my list making when I decide to host a party, that too an Army one. For the knowledge of my civilian friends, let me tell you that in the Army we always believe in walking the extra mile… mostly to digest the food and shed the calories that we have managed to pile on at our ‘larger than life’ parties (well deserved after a day of upholding our National flag and safeguarding our Mother Land), which are a regular feature of an Army life. Our starters are enough to put a permanent stop to Jughead’s hunger pangs. So when we get to the end of the party after going through starters,  appetizers, mains, desserts and lists for the same; our souls are ready to desert our bodies and diaries are left over flowing… for sheer lack of space.

         Before you get the idea that food alone is the hero of our parties, let me tell you that our parties are multi starrers. The Ambience, Decor, Music, Arrangements, Entertainment… all play pivotal roles. Innovative ways of serving all that abundant food is also an important criteria. So today, although I am not going to take you through the entire party procedure, I will show you some unique tray arrangements to serve simple snacks. These are simple, organic arrangements, mostly inspired by nature.

                                                                             Take a look…










         So, after taking you through this tray fest, now it’s time for me to continue with my routine list, lest I forget what is to be done next, meanwhile you guys grab some rest.